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Main Product

( FOL / TF / EOL )

Tandem line automation is consist of destacker for material loading, transfer equipment between presses, automatic inspection device and palletizing equipment for end products.

( FOL / TF / EOL )

Automatic system for transfer press line includes destacker/palletizing system for loading/unloading regardless of material types(steel/aluminum/stainless) and blank size. 3D transfer system for multiple forming process is available for 2 or 3 slide press.

Hot forming press line
( FOL / Furnace / TF / EOL )

When forming ultra high tension materials such as bromine steel, then high temperature stamping system is required. The hot forming line is consist of destacker, marking device, furnace, centering device, transfer system and palletizing system.

Coil line( Blanking / Progressive )

1. Blanking line to produce required blanks for tandem and transfer line.
2. Progressive line to form coil materials progressively.
3. Blanking + progressive combination line

Special purpose equipment

1. Bending machines and forming line for commercial car
2. Laser blanking machine for thick materials
3. Rectifying frame for compact trucks
4. Hub piercing machine
5. Vane checker